The Hiramatsu Standards — safety measures to keep you smiling

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Hiramatsu Inc. has adopted the following measures to allow you to enjoy your stay with peace of mind.

■ Sanitation and hygiene measures

  • We provide sanitizer in common areas and guest rooms, and rigorously apply sanitation and hygiene measures.
  • We have placed AirBuster air purifiers (ozone germ and odour eliminators) in all hotels.
  • To maintain social distancing, we have a reduced number of tables, placed at least 2 metres apart.
  • For your safety and to maintain public hygiene, our staff wear masks at work.
  • Staff are not permitted to travel overseas or within Japan, especially to areas with a high risk of infection.

■ Requests to our guests
  • On arrival, please clean your hands with sanitizer and cooperate with temperature and health checks. If you have a fever, we will ask you to contact a public health centre or medical institution.
  • Please let our staff know if you feel unwell at any time during your stay.
  • Please clean your hands carefully, using the sanitizer provided.
  • Except during meals, please wear a mask in the common areas of the hotel.


Surrounded by mountains providing magical views of pampas grass plains, Hakone has long been a favorite getaway for Japan’s elite, a place where since ancient times dignitaries and distinguished scholars have built their second homes. Its elegant museums and famous golf courses blend harmoniously into the natural beauty for which the area is renowned.

“Beautiful Japan’s Shangri-la.” No words could better describe Sengokuhara, the part of Hakone in which this exquisite boutique hotel with only eleven rooms is located. Private baths in each room are fed directly with hot-spring water. The food is the height of luxury, and the hospitality for which Japan is renowned is taken to its highest level.

To the very finest accommodations, food, and service, we add uniquely Hakone delights: pairing dinners with local sake, a tour of a local sake brewery, an opportunity to explore the world of Hakone Yosegi Marquetry.


To maximize the goodness of their ingredients, his original dishes add French technique and local Hakone essence to an Italian base. The Hiramatsu Hotel’s Italian cuisine is produced under the direction of head chef Yoshikoshi Kenjiro. He invites you to step into his unique culinary world with Italian dishes influenced by Japanese cuisine’s techniques, drawing inspiration from the natural spectacles of Hakone and the changing seasons.

To fully enjoy the spectacular seasonal flavors of the local Hakone ingredients, each dish can be paired with wine from the Hiramatsu Hotel’s exceptional cellar or with locally brewed Japanese sake. Vegetarian, reduced sugar and gluten-free dishes are all available on request. Please discuss your needs with us when you make your reservation.


The hotel has two restaurants, beautifully furnished to create the perfect setting for a luxurious dining experience. The 2nd-floor restaurant is also open to non-residents for dinner. It opens at 5:30pm, convenient for visitors returning from a round of golf.

Dinner Menu 19,000yen, 25,300yen, 38,000yen
* Consumption tax and service charge 15% incuded.


The hotel has 20 guest rooms, 11 in the Main Building and nine in the Residence, each with a terrace offering a view of the majestic mountains of the Hakone caldera that changes continually through the seasons. The interior décor of the rooms, with its vivid colours and modern designs, creates a truly unique atmosphere.
Every room in both the Main Building and the Residence features a bath fed continuously with water from the hot springs of Hakone. Rooms in the Main Building have the bathtub in the room itself, while Residence rooms have a separate bathroom.

Main Building

Room Amenities

  • Premium mattress “REGALIA”
  • Bath amenities by BVLGARI ~Eau Parfumée au the blanc~
  • IMABARI towels
  • Original bathrobe, pajamas
  • NESPRESSO coffee machine
  • Mini bar with complimentary soft drinks
  • Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Portable Speaker
  • Panasonic Humidification Air Cleaner
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Basic skin-care products(Omnisens Paris)
  • Complimentary wireless connectivity
  • Others


The Residence has a dedicated Salon offering spa treatments using natural oils from Parisian brand Yon-Ka, and gym with running machines, exercise bikes etc that is open to all residents.


Uniquely Hiramatsu, Uniquely Hakone
A Private Onsen in Every Room

Every guest room is equipped with a private hot spring filled with water from Shinubako Hot Spring, whose source is close to the Mt. Hakone caldera. Renowned among women visitors as a beauty treatment, this famously clear and transparent water leaves skin silky smooth.
Rooms in the Main Building feature large windows that offer the sensation of semi-open air bathing. Rooms in the Residence have a separate bathroom that invites you to relax and unwind. Residents can also reserve one of the open-air baths for a refreshingly different bathing experience.
* Please check the times when open-air baths can be reserved on your arrival at the hotel.

Main Building

Rooms in the Main Building offer a distinctive bathing experience, with a marble bathtub installed in the centre of the room; just open the big windows to enjoy the liberating sensation of semi-open air bathing. The view of the Hakone Forest changes with the seasons. Rooms in the Main Building are ideal if you plan to enjoy frequent hot spring baths during your stay.


Residence rooms feature a bathroom with a shower area and hot spring bath. With walls decorated in a warm brown to match the marble of the bathtub, fed continuously with steaming water from the Hakone springs, you are sure to be warmed to the core. The bathroom is sufficiently spacious to allow washing your hair while seated.

Reserve an open-air bath

There are two open-air baths in the grounds of the hotel, with roofs and bathtub ledges made of hinoki cypress. Both can be reserved, allowing you to enjoy secluded bathing the fresh air, surrounded by greenery. We recommend the luxurious experience of a morning bath with a view.


1245-337 Sengokuhara, Hakone Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa 250-0631, Japan