HIRAMATSU HOTELS- is a hotel created by a restaurant. We are pleased to welcome you with cordial hospitality, a hearty mind that has been established through our 40 years of history.

The logo mark is a combined motif of elephant and moon

The motif of an “elephant” is said to be an emblem of dedication, patience and truth, and also known for its high intelligence. It would go into the dense woods and bravely tread on the spiny primeval forest to exploit a new path, and contribute to become a guide to life. The large ear is able to catch a minute sound from far away, and the long nose is able to sniff out and sweep away any obstacles. From its hardiness, the elephant has been worshiped as a symbol of daemon.

On the other hand, the “moon” has been very close to Japanese people. The natural rhythm like phasing of the moon is said to be related to the agricultural rhythm, and has been felt familiar. It was frequently used for seasonal greetings, and would be a symbol of spiritual richness of Japanese people. The hardiness and sense of security is the message hidden behind the moon.