Atami is abundant with natural blessings given from the Sagami Bay.With the boundless ocean, the calm weather and the good spring quality, it has been one of the most popular hot spring resorts, loved by many literary figures of the times. In this aesthetic landscape overlooking Hatsushima, the Izu Peninsula, Oshima, the Miura Peninsula and the Boso Peninsula, a European style ryokan opened on October 27th.

The beauty of Japanese style architecture, sukiya-zukuri

The hotel is built in the sukiya-zukuri style of architecture, which epitomizes the beauty of the traditional Japanese house, simple yet elegant. It is an outstanding example of the work of one of Japan’s most highly renowned contemporary master craftsmen, Master Builder Koichi Kinoshita.


The restaurant seeks to use local produce wherever possible. We offer sumptuous menus that are not bound by a single culinary tradition but combine genres freely. Atami is famous for its fresh seafood from the bountiful waters of the Sagami-Nada Sea, but we source the finest foodstuffs from all over Japan, and prepare them according to recipes that bring out their best characteristics.

Exquisite French Cuisine

Our chef invites you to experience a wonderful world of gourmet cuisine against the beautiful backdrop of Atami.

Oceanfront dining

The dining room overlooks the beautiful sea and beyond, Hatsushima, the Izu Peninsula, Oshima, the Miura Peninsula and the Boso Peninsula. The Sagami bay is beautiful in blue during sunrise, and is colored in a beautiful twilight during the evening. The calm sea breeze and the relaxing atmosphere create a special time.


Enjoy the beauty of a traditional Japanese house with a combination of arts produced by Japanese painter Tamako Kataoka and Joan Miro.


1993-237 Atami, Atami City, Shizuoka 413-0033, Japan


Jambon cru de parme et melon
Tartare de saumon mariné, crème de citron à l’aneth
クレームシトロン ディールの香り
Asperges vertes chaudes,
Escalope de foie gras de canard sautée et œuf poché
sauce béarnaise et Périgueux
グリーンアスパラガスの温製 ポーチ・ド・エッグとフォアグラの
ソテーソースベアルネーズ 黒トリュフのアクセント
Bar rôti à la plancha, purée de fenouil,
frito de grenouille, sauce vin blanc
駿河湾産スズキのロースト フヌイユのピューレ添え
グルヌイユのフリット ソースヴァンブラン
Filet de canard rôti brinis au mais, sauce bigarade
鴨胸肉のロースト トウモロコシのブリニ
Pêche Melba “Maison Paul Bocuse”
ピーチメルバ “メゾン・ポール・ボキューズ”風


  • Name of the hot spring source Okushima Hamashima Onsen Mitabi-no-yu Location of the source: 3-4 Kamagatani, Hiyamaji, Hamashimacho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture
  • Quality of the source Sodium, chloride hot spring (hypotonic, alkalescent, and low temperature water)
  • Effects of bathing Cut, burn injury, chronic skin disease, weak constitution of a child, chronic female disorder, neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, stiff joints, contusion, twisted joint, chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoid, excessive sensitivity to cold, recovery from illness, soothing effect, and health enhancement
  • Contraindications of bathing Serious cardiac diseases, respiration failure, dysfunction of kidneys, bleeding disease, and serious anemia. Progressing diseases in general, and pregnancy (in particular, first and last trimester of pregnancy).
  • Heating The water is added and heated as the source is cold mineral spring.
  • Circulation of water For sanitation control, the spring water is circulated and filtered.
  • Disinfection method For sanitation control, the spring water is disinfected by sodium hypochlorite.

The Thalasso Spa Terms of Use

  • Programs are by reservation. Please make your reservation in advance.
  • Persons with concerns about their health, such as menstruating, high blood pressure, poor physical condition, allergies, persons undergoing medical treatment by a doctor, persons on medication, persons who have consumed alcohol, Persons who are breast-feeding should inform the staff of their conditions when making a reservation. In consideration of the sudden changes in physical condition during pregnancy, etc., we ask expectant mothers to refrain from using our programs.
  • If you wish to cancel your reservation, please inform 1 day before. If we are not informed, please note that a cancel fee of 100% price of may be charged.
  • In case of late arrival, please understand that we may shorten the program.
  • All of our treatment is available for both male and female.
  • Appropriate swimwear must be worn inside the facility. During treatments, we will offer clean disposable paper shorts. Depending on the treatment, some oil might remain on the body. Therefore, we suggest that you come with light clothing. Please use the room wear and sandals inside the guest room.
  • Contact lenses can be kept on. If you wish to take them out, please bring your own case.
  • There are no safety box inside the Spa. We do not bear any responsibility for loss or theft occurring in the facility.

Room Amenities

  • Premium mattress “REGALIA”
  • Bath amenities by BVLGARI ~Eau Parfumée au the rouge~
  • Imabari towels
  • Original room wear, bathrobe, pajamas
  • NESPRESSO coffee machine
  • Mini bar with complimentary soft drinks
  • Dyson pure coollink purifier fan (rental)
  • Complimentary wireless connectivity
  • Others