Sake brewer Inoue Shuzô, located on Hakone’s eastern foothills in Ōimachi, Ashigarakamigun, Kanagawa Prefecture, where the Sagawa River valley broadens into the Ashigara plain, has brewed sake continuously since its founding in 1789. Its top-of-the-line Hakone-Yama has long been one of the Hakone region’s most highly regarded local sakes.

Organized in cooperation with Inoue Shuzô, our tasting tour introduces participants to the fascinating world of Japanese sake. Visitors learn how sake is made and enjoyed through touring the brewery, usually closed to outsiders, even during the November to March season in which brewing peaks. The tasting that follows the tour offers an opportunity to compare different varieties of sake.

Japanese Sake Pairing Dinner

A diverse array of Inoue Shuzô sakes are paired with unique dishes that capture the sublime essence of Hakone’s four seasons. The water used by Inoue Shuzô is drawn from an underground river and is full of minerals that give this brewery’s sakes their distinctive profile with a fine balance of acidity.
Don’t miss this opportunity to savor this delicious marriage of Japanese sake with unique Italian dishes, drawing inspiration from the natural spectacles of Hakone and the changing seasons, found only here at the Hiramatsu Sengokuhara Hotel.

Recommended Plan

Overnight stay with tour and tasting at Inoue Shuzô, one of Hakone’s leading sake brewers with Japanese Sake pairing dinner

Dinner: Pairing of Five Types of Sake with the Dinner.
The sake: Sparkling Sweetheart, Hakoneyama Junmaishu, Senmaikyo unfiltered Junmai sake, Hakoneyama Junmai Ginjō, Hakoneyama, Junmaidaiginjō, Shonan Gold Liqueur.
* Sake may change according to the seasonal dishes.

  • * The best season is during November and March when the brewing is actually done, but the brewery can still be observed during April and October.
  • * Total required time for this tour is approximately 3 hours: including sake brewery tour and tasting (60min) and transportation (120min).
  • * Reservation required 30 days in advance.

Sake Brewing Company Brewery: Inoue Shuzô

Address552 Kami-Oimachi, Oimachi-cho, Ashigarakami-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture. 258-0016
Travel timeApproximately 60 minutes by car from the hotel