“See our Menus”

Lunch Menu

12:00p.m.-1:30p.m. (last orders)

Appetizer / Starter / Fish / Meat / Dessert / Coffee, Mignardises

Dinner Menu

6:00-8:00p.m. (last orders)

Appetizer / 1st Starter / 2nd Starter / Fish / Meat / Pre-dessert / Dessert / Coffee, Mignardises

Breakfast is one of the best things about traveling. For the hotel guests, we will be serving a
European-style breakfast. During the warm season, why not take breakfast on the restaurant’s terrace while enjoying the gentle breeze?


(Menu Example) Eggs Benedict, French toast, Omelette, Potage soup, salad, sausage, proscuitto,
Bread and Danish pastries, homemade jam, yoghurt, fresh juice, fruits, coffee, tea etc.


Menu may change according to the availability of ingredients.

定休日: 月曜日及び火曜日
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

席数  Capacity: 40

レストランのご予約 Restaurant Reservations : お電話にて承ります。 Tel. 0744-49-0880

“Delicious French Wines”

We insist on quality in the wines we serve as much as in the foodstuffs we use to prepare your meal. Wine is an indispensable accompaniment to French cuisine, setting off and enhancing the flavours of the food. The wines served in Hiramatsu’s restaurants are all sourced directly from the makers, and because our sommeliers are able to consult the makers directly, they are experts not only on the flavour and character of each wine, but on the best way to enjoy it.

“The Finest Local Ingredients”

Chefs are constantly thinking about how to bring out the best in the ingredients they use, and every day, our chefs seek out the best ingredients from which to prepare your meal. They must have good ingredients in order to prepare good food. We maintain close links with producers and often visit them on their farms, selecting only the very best foodstuffs. It is when cooks and food producers come together to share their ideas and expertise that the very best foodstuffs and indeed the very best cuisine are born.