A cultural experience complemented
by fine cuisine and comfortable accommodation

L’Auberge de Plaisance Sakurai is a small inn with just nine guest rooms and suites. It is situated on the edge of the city of Sakurai, in an area steeped in history and culture, and is set in a beautiful rural landscape where the only sounds are of birdsong and the gentle breeze. After enjoying the beautiful sights of the changing seasons, and fine cuisine prepared with fresh local ingredients, what could be better than to sleep soundly in a comfortable bed? Slow down, relax and enjoy life...
The Auberge stands in the grounds of the Nara Agriculture and Food International College (opening April 2016) and is operated by Hiramatsu Inc.

フランス料理で味わう 大和野菜
French Cuisine Prepared with the
Finest Yamato Vegetables


Sakurai, in Nara Prefecture, is said to be the centre of the ancient kingdom of Yamato, birthplace of the Japanese nation. Traces of the culture and history of the late Yayoi and Kofun periods through to the Asuka Period can be seen throughout the area, and the gentle climate and beautiful natural surroundings go right to the visitor’s heart.
Nara lies at the end of the Silk Road, and during the Asuka Period was an international city bustling with foreign visitors, who brought with them foodstuffs from many countries. Today, the meeting of European culture with the traditional produce of the Nara area is creating a new gourmet revolution. L’Auberge de Plaisance Sakurai’s chefs combine local ingredients with French culinary skills to create a new cuisine unique to Japan.

美食旅行に欠かせない オーベルジュ
A Key Role in Gastronomic Tourism


Auberge is the French word for an inn. Inns in France date back all the way to the Roman Empire, but with the spread of the automobile in the early part of the 20th century, people began to travel long distances to visit particular restaurants, in search of fine cuisine prepared with fresh local ingredients, and auberges played a key role in the development of gastronomic tourism.
L’Auberge de Plaisance Sakurai invites you to complement your historical and cultural experience in the Nara area with fine cuisine and comfortable accommodation.